Hands off, Russia!

Once upon a time Ukrainian citizens wanted to change something in their land. The protests broke out after government rejected a far-reaching accord with the European Union in favour of stronger connection  with Russia. Protests turned into a serious fight with bloodshed. On twentieth of February  at least 77 people was killed and hundreds of wounded in a  48 h period. As a result, the opposition came to power and Putin’s marionette (read:  Yanukovych) fled to Russia.

Who is responsible for the victims in Ukraine?

Ukraine’s interim government has a tough time now. It has to face 15 000 Russian soldiers. Since the territory of Ukraine is no longer a playground for Putin’s puppets, he has made a hullabaloo near the military base.

 Russia really cares about its military bases.

A short time ago the situation in Syria was dramatic. There is some similarities with Ukraine.  Syrians (like Ukranians) didn’t want existing power to reign the land. Another similarity – Russian military base. Putin diligently supported Bahar al-Assad by trying to convince the world against interference and by sending weapons. Weapons used Assad for killing his own people. Syria lost around 130 000 people, live under the dictator and suffer from hunger. Thank you, Russia!

Another example of Russian insolence you can find in August 2008 (Russia – Georgia war) when Russia decided to intervane.. Abkhazia and South Ossetia separated from Georgia and exist with persisting Russian military bases.

There are two ways the state can strengthen its position. One option is to improve and develop own country. Or  have the opportunity to relatively strengthen position by weakening other countries.

I suggest Putin to bring order in his land before he puts his nose in other countries! 


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