Morning reflections..

An ordinary morning, which I spend on news portals, saddens and delights me at the same time.

”The light at the end of tunnel” is still not visible in relation to situation in Ukraine. It’s sad. The problem is handled in a very sluggish way. Russian troops still scares people.

I draw more attention to my home country – Latvia. Despite the fact that Latvians condemn Russia’s actions, politicians failed to make the statement on the situation in Ukraine in this morning’s extraordinary meeting. Delaying the time..

On the other hand, Latvian artists actively express their position! In Moscow was the guest performance of Latvian theater ”Dirty Deal Teatro”. Actor was suggesting the audience to stand up for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. One quarter of the audience had left the room. 

Alvis Hermanis, the principal director of the New Riga Theatre, considers that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a mentally ill person that needs to be isolated from society.  New Riga Theatre has canceled all scheduled guest performances in Russia.

Here is a well-described facts about Putin’s lies: PRESIDENT PUTIN’S FICTION: 10 FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT UKRAINE

Poland also deserves compliments:

Residents of Poland urge their citizens to boycott Russian gas stations “Lukoil”. Meanwhile, they encourage reduced consumption of Russian gas and oil, for example, limiting the use of cars in favor of public transport. It is a protest against Putin’s Russia. 

Poland could be expressed without Russian gas through other energy resources and domestic infrastructure, on Wednesday said Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “The current gas reserves and the fact that winter is coming to an end, allow us to say that Poland will no longer affect the potential of our eastern neighbor’s gas sanctions”.


I am proud of the brave righteousness fighters!


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