Old Habits Die Hard

The repetition of similar events in history is called ”Historic recurrence”. The historic recurrence should encourage people to pay attention to the historical experiences. Today’s events marks the various parallels to the past. For Russia Ukraine is like a phantom limb still felt to be there long after its amputation.

The withdrawal of Soviet Ukraine was not entirely legitimate – this opinion was expressed by Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation with Mustafa Dzhemilev, Ukrainian Member of Parliament. Putin believes that the self-proclaimed independence of Ukraine did not fully meet the Soviet norms, regulating the procedure for resigning from the USSR.

Heil Putin? 

If Vladimir Putin is allowed to take this Crimea because of protecting Russian population, then we should remember back in nineteen thirties what Hitler did because of German population..

This opinion is expressed by John McCain, but  he isn’t the only one who sees the similarities between the behavior of Hitler and Putin. A similar view shows Karel Schwarzenberg (from ”Österreich”, Austrian daily newspaper):

”What’s happening in Ukraine is history repeating itself”

“Putin is acting along the same principle as Adolf Hitler did during his invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1938 and 1939”

“Since he wanted to invade Crimea, he needed a pretext and said that his compatriots were oppressed” 

Hillary Rodham Clinton also compared Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine to the behavior of Adolf Hitler:

“Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the ’30s”

“The ethnic Germans, the Germans by ancestry who were in places like Czechoslovakia and Romania and other places, Hitler kept saying they’re not being treated right, I must go and protect my people. And that’s what’s gotten everybody so nervous.”

Is Putin the New Stalin?

In 1944 Soviet Union organized a forcible deportation of the Crimean Tatars out of the Crimean peninsula. They were mostly deported to Uzbek SSR. Around 45% of the total population died in the process of deportation due to thirst, hunger and disease. Almost 200 000 thousand people were evicted from their homes and placed on trains – cattle cars.

As though Stalin’s times is over, some days ago Crimean Tatars noticed that their doors is marked with a cross. It is unpleasant for people who have grown up with stories of the marked doors. And this is so-called ”Historic recurrence”.

Crimea’s Muslim Tatars Worry about Russia Referendum” – in this video you can see the marked doors.

What will happen to the Crimean Tatars in future?


Politics and Religion

The ‘’relationship’’ between religion and politics has always been a hot topic and quite a controversial issue . These two concepts can been very compatible and totally adverse at the same time. Both history and today various countries choose their desired policy about it.

Secularism is the view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs.  A system where politics is seperated from religion. Term ‘’Secularism’’ was  created by the British writer George Holyoake in 1851, although this ideology was reflected  in earlier history by remarkable personalities: Epicurus, Markus Aurelius, Voltaire..

 Nowadays secularism is commonly found in Europe. Smart solution to manage the conflict that religious diversity brings. Such proposition doesn’t discirminate any variety of Christianity and other religions.

The story of Iran

When it comes to religion and politics, Iran is a pretty good example to mention. The Islamic Republic of Iran – name already shows that policy is closely linked to religion. It is important to know that this country has not always ruled by Islamic laws. After Reza Shah Pahlavi was crowned secularism in Iran was soon established as state policy. It means that people in Iran have experienced a very distinct ways to living.

The White Revolution

Attention should be given to a special period of time in Iran –  the White Revolution! The revolution launched in 1963 by Shah Reza Mohammad Pahlavi. He called for a national referendum in which 5,598,711 people voted for the reforms, and 4,115 voted against the reforms.

The main goal of the revolution was a radical Land Reforms Program and Abolishing Feodalism. It was a possibility for villagers, who had once been nothing more than slaves, to own the lands that they had been cultivating all their lives. Land Reforms Program brought freedom to approximately 9 million people ( 40% of Irans population ).

After the launching of the White Revolution: women gained the right to vote; the literacy rate in country raised from 26% to 46%; many small factories opened up; may roads were asphalted, railway was expanded. This is a small part of the benefits carried by the revolution.

Life in Iran became quite luxurious.

Boeing 747 (Jumbo Jet)  is among the world’s most recognizable aircraft and was the first wide – body airliner ever produced.  The first  747 – 100B order was for Iran. You couldn’t find this model in Europe. Imperial Iranian Airforce was a primary user  of the Grumman F – 14 Tomcat. F -14 is a supersonic, twinjet, two – seat, variable – sweep wing fighter aircraft.

The quality of life was better. In the Imperial State of Iran for 1 rial you could buy 7 dollars, but today you can buy a dollar for 3400 IRR.

There was no need to obtain a visa, if Iranian citizen was planning to travel. 

Students in the Park of Tehran University in 1971. Short skirts and open hair:


The Islamic Revolution

The White revolution received most of its criticism from landlords and clergymen.  Clergy were angry at the reforms, because the education and family law removed much of their traditional powers , their influence in the rural areas decreased. Landlords were angry about the land reforms, their authority was reduced by government.

Unfortunately, was created a huge gap between the poor and the rich, between the rural and urban areas. This gap was a soil to form the Islamic Revolution. Person who most openly opposed the White Revolution and the Shah himself was Ruhollah Khomeini. He was the the leader of the Islamic revolution which happened in 1979.

Secularism was replaced by Islamic policy. The gap between the rich and the poor ones decreased. There were also other changes in the country. Economic situation worsened.

Establishment of modern judicial system to administer man made laws turned to cruel, inhuman punishments. In January, 2013 the Telegraph published an article ‘’Iran unveils finger amputating machine for use on thieves’’.


Censorship and Iran. Censors goal is to maintain stability in the country.  It helps prevent unapproved reformist, counter – revolutionary, or religious proponents from organizing themselves and spreading their ideals. Censored is television, radio, print media, films, museum and gallery exhibits and, of course, the Internet. Iran is known as one of the leading suppressors of Internet freedom. The government operates one of the largest Internet censorship regimes in the world. Iran has an extensive list of blacklisted sites. On the Internet are censored almost half of 500 most popular sites. Most heavily Iranian regime censors pornographic Web sites. Also high percentage of news, art and society Web sites are blocked. 

Women became a second class citizens. Testimony of one man is equal to testimony of 2 woman. Man inherits twice as large share than a woman.

Are you sure all these laws and doings are closely related to the Koran? Is such functioning state worthy to bear the name  ‘’Islam”? Maybe it is a kind of religious sacrilege? It seems that political and religious interactions undermine the prestige of religion. 

What is the target of using religion in politics? Can religion be used as the weapon to make stronger position in politics? Could it be the way of manipulation?



Morning reflections..

An ordinary morning, which I spend on news portals, saddens and delights me at the same time.

”The light at the end of tunnel” is still not visible in relation to situation in Ukraine. It’s sad. The problem is handled in a very sluggish way. Russian troops still scares people.

I draw more attention to my home country – Latvia. Despite the fact that Latvians condemn Russia’s actions, politicians failed to make the statement on the situation in Ukraine in this morning’s extraordinary meeting. Delaying the time..

On the other hand, Latvian artists actively express their position! In Moscow was the guest performance of Latvian theater ”Dirty Deal Teatro”. Actor was suggesting the audience to stand up for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. One quarter of the audience had left the room. 

Alvis Hermanis, the principal director of the New Riga Theatre, considers that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a mentally ill person that needs to be isolated from society.  New Riga Theatre has canceled all scheduled guest performances in Russia.

Here is a well-described facts about Putin’s lies: PRESIDENT PUTIN’S FICTION: 10 FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT UKRAINE

Poland also deserves compliments:

Residents of Poland urge their citizens to boycott Russian gas stations “Lukoil”. Meanwhile, they encourage reduced consumption of Russian gas and oil, for example, limiting the use of cars in favor of public transport. It is a protest against Putin’s Russia. 

Poland could be expressed without Russian gas through other energy resources and domestic infrastructure, on Wednesday said Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “The current gas reserves and the fact that winter is coming to an end, allow us to say that Poland will no longer affect the potential of our eastern neighbor’s gas sanctions”.


I am proud of the brave righteousness fighters!

”Joke” of the day…

Today on the internet I found a following article:

”Putin nominated for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize”

Putin was nominated as a candidate by The International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation Among the Nations of the World. The reason is an active participation in the search for a political and diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis.

His participation was visibly active! He also supported Bashar al-Assad by sending weapons. As a result, Syria’s dictator was able to successfully combat his own people. The ”Dove of Peace” (read: Putin) helped to exterminate 130 000 Syrians. Now the dictator can have a peaceful life with his starving citizens.


Interesting how Putin’s recent activities in Ukraine will affect the possibility of getting the Nobel Peace Prize?

We do care!

These pictures are captured moments from yesterday’s meeting in Stockholm. We were all here to support Ukraine.


We do care!


Indifference is a sin!


The crime won’t remain unpunished.


We must join together and fight together!


Ukraine, you are not alone!


Injustice must be eliminated!


Hands off, Putin!


We all have a heart that seizes the pain about the ongoing situation in Ukraine..Image

Beautiful Crimea

For centuries Tatars have been suppressed by the Russian empire and USSR .
Now Tatars are peacefully living together with Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine.
If Tatars will enter under the pressure of Russians again, a very dangerous consequences between Tatar Muslims and Russians can start in middle of the Europe and even in Russia. That’s why USA, EU, NATO, UN have to stop Russia immediately.

Hands off, Russia!

Once upon a time Ukrainian citizens wanted to change something in their land. The protests broke out after government rejected a far-reaching accord with the European Union in favour of stronger connection  with Russia. Protests turned into a serious fight with bloodshed. On twentieth of February  at least 77 people was killed and hundreds of wounded in a  48 h period. As a result, the opposition came to power and Putin’s marionette (read:  Yanukovych) fled to Russia.

Who is responsible for the victims in Ukraine?

Ukraine’s interim government has a tough time now. It has to face 15 000 Russian soldiers. Since the territory of Ukraine is no longer a playground for Putin’s puppets, he has made a hullabaloo near the military base.

 Russia really cares about its military bases.

A short time ago the situation in Syria was dramatic. There is some similarities with Ukraine.  Syrians (like Ukranians) didn’t want existing power to reign the land. Another similarity – Russian military base. Putin diligently supported Bahar al-Assad by trying to convince the world against interference and by sending weapons. Weapons used Assad for killing his own people. Syria lost around 130 000 people, live under the dictator and suffer from hunger. Thank you, Russia!

Another example of Russian insolence you can find in August 2008 (Russia – Georgia war) when Russia decided to intervane.. Abkhazia and South Ossetia separated from Georgia and exist with persisting Russian military bases.

There are two ways the state can strengthen its position. One option is to improve and develop own country. Or  have the opportunity to relatively strengthen position by weakening other countries.

I suggest Putin to bring order in his land before he puts his nose in other countries!