How far can Russia go?

Today we are witnessing an ordinary Russian expressions of impertinence.
Currently, Putin conduct a military intervention plans in Ukraine. Already 6000 Russian soldiers has arrived to Crimea. Why Russia is hungry for Crimea?

Official version – Putin wants to protect Russians in Crimea.
Vladimir Putin would be unpleasantly surprised if he refresh some historical facts about the Crimea. It is not the Russian land!

In ancient times Crimea was under the control of the Roman, Byzantine empires. From 1441–1783 this peninsula (Crimean Khanate) was a state ruled by Crimean tatars. The peninsula was a part of Ottoman empire. Then came the Russians.

During the Stalin era Tatars were deported to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Siberia.

The name ‘’Crimea’’ is derived from the Tatar language.

Today Russia is shameless enough to give citizenship for Russians who live in the territory of Ukraine and pollute the beautiful city with their military units. What if Turkey suddenly decides to protect Tatars? Give them Turkish passport, bring soldiers to Ukraine? At least it should be equal!

Why the world is peacefully watching how Russia derides Ukraine?